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Posted on 06-14-2017

Choosing the Right Frames Based on Face Shape With Your Plano TX Optometrist at Omni Eye Care Centerchoosing the right eyeglasses

From expressive eyes to sculpted cheekbones to a shapely nose or chin, everyone’s faces are different. Why get glasses that are all the same?

Your face can say so much about you, but your glasses can, too. Depending on the shape of your face, certain types of glasses are more flattering. These can draw attention away from problem areas or accentuate your nicest features.

Here’s what to keep in mind when trying on eyeglasses in Plano based on face shape.

Base-Down Triangular-Shaped Faces

As the name describes, your chin and cheeks are the biggest parts of your face if you have a base-down triangular-shaped face. You may also have a smaller forehead.

Which pairs of frames in Plano are best for your face type? Cat-eye glasses are very flattering because these have a lot more going on with the upper half of the glasses. This makes your forehead look larger and your chin and cheeks smaller.

Rounded Faces

If your face is rounded, it may be more circular than oblong in shape. The goal with your glasses is to wear frames that almost increase the length of your features instead of compress them further. Rectangular glasses with a subtle bridge are your best bet.

Diamond-Shape Faces

Do you have a diamond-shaped face? You do if your cheekbones are pronounced but your jawline and eyeline are slimmer. That said, not many people possess this face shape.

That does make it somewhat more difficult to find the best frames in Plano, but it’s not impossible. You’ll want to opt for cat-eye frames, oval glasses, and rimless frames.

Square Faces

If you have square facial features, specifically in the forehead and jaw, you don’t want to bring more attention to these with your choice of glasses. Instead, you should try to make your face appear fuller and rounder.

You can achieve this with narrow glasses, particularly oval frames.

Oblong Faces

Your nose may be more prominent with an oblong face. Your cheeks also lack roundness. The goal with your glasses should be to reduce the length of your face while playing up with the width.

Get glasses with a lower nose bridge and temple flourishes to attract attention to the right features.

Based-up Triangular-Shaped Faces

With a based-up triangular-shaped face, your chin and cheeks are narrower while your forehead is bigger.

Rimless frames are a great choice in this case, as they bring the focus to your eyes instead of your forehead. Choose frame colors like white, silver, or gray to add to this effect.

Oval Faces

Then there’s the oval face shape. This is perhaps most desirable. All the features are of perfect size, giving you the most freedom when it comes to choosing your frames.

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