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Omni Eye Care Center features an in-house lab equipped with the finest in computerized patternless ophthalmic manufacturing instrumentation. Each individual job is monitored for quality by Dr. Taroyan himself, and he is able to ensure that every pair of eye glasses are made to perfection.

He prefers and implements the use of Zeiss progressive lenses for their superiority in horizontal symmetry. They offer less distortion on the sides, the reading area is wider, and the adaptation is much faster. Dr. Taroyan's patients have enjoyed a high success rate with progressive lenses from Zeiss. So if you have had trouble transitioning to progressive lenses, we can help you. We also provide our patients with the best in high-index polycarbonate lenses.

A note from Dr. Taroyan about the new aspheric lenses:

"Due to revolutionized technology, we are able to get better designed lenses such as aspheric lenses which are thinner in the center, flatter, lighter weight, less distortion in the periphery, and less magnification, which is more advantageous for people who are far-sighted."


Transitions Aspheric Lenses
Single Vision
Progressives (multi-focal lenses)
Poly Carbonate
Hi Index Poly Carb